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Coffee, Bud & Buzz

Our fine city is known for many things including coffee and cannabis.  Tiny Digs is lucky to be located near some of the best coffee places in Portland that feature some of the best coffee in Portland.


  • Seven Virtues – Great local coffee and a few baked goods.  This small cafe is at the pointed end of the Zipper building on Sandy Blvd - just a block from the hotel. Open 7 am weekdays, 8 am Sat-Sun. (2737 NE Sandy Blvd. ~

  • Crema Bakery & Cafe – A neighborhood gem. This is bright, casual spot for local coffee, really tasty baked goods, quiche, sandwiches & free WiFi. We consider it one of the best cafes in Portland.  From the hotel walk down 28th past Burnside. (2728 SE Ankeny St ~

  • Starbucks – Everyone knows it, and many love it.  Coffee, light bites, & WIFI are available.  Open 5 AM (5:30 AM on Sat) – 9 PM. (2803 E Burnside St ~

  • Kopi Coffee House – Casual, vibrant shop offering traditional coffee drinks plus some from South East Asia with Indonesian fusion fare. One of the best cafes in Portland. If you're looking for a some fun drink options that aren't overpoweringly sweet, this is some of the best coffee in Portland (2327 E Burnside St)

  • Heart Coffee Roasters – Uncompromising specialty roasting. If you're looking for the best coffee places in Portland, this place is worth a consideration. (2211 E Burnside St. ~


  • Nectar – Great vibe, high quality, clean.  Large selection of flowers, concentrates, edibles, etc. (3350 NE Sandy Blvd ~ nectar. store/store/sandy-blvd)

  • TreeHouse Collective – Smaller selection, but quality stuff and closest to the hotel. (2419 NE Sandy Blvd)

  • Serra Dispensary – Small and cozy and they keep it nice and cool inside. The selection is great, and the staff is friendly. Open 10 AM (2519 SE Belmont St ~

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